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The charming Italian isle

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. One of our favourite destinations here at Low Cost Deals, it is full of Italian traditions and culture, with a relaxed, but high-end feel.

Sardinia’s beaches are second to none - in fact, if there ever is a contest to find out some of the best looking beaches on the earth, Sardinia would win that contest hands down. The island also boasts spectacular cuisine, which isn’t surprising as it is situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean. Simple but rich and fresh foods full of flavour are culled right from the farm or sea.

There are a variety of destinations on the island to suit all holiday needs. The old fishing town of Alghero combines great beaches with a sophisticated urban feel.  Its old town is great for both history and shopping.

Cagliari is busy and vibrant, with a huge 13 km beach and lots of fantastic restaurants serving up the town’s own specialities.  Along the coast from Cagliari you will find a selection of upscale hotels, such as the newly opened Mark Warner resort - Perdepera Beach, which is situated a scenic drive away on the eastern coast of Sardinia, just south of the village of Cardedu.

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